Is EMDs still work for micro niche website?


Hi Bloggers,

I found many websites with targeted keywords like Hostgator Coupon Code etc. Are they really work? I found few of such websites are ranked well for these keywords. I hope they are enjoying good income.

What is EMD penalty from Google then? Will they be able to be on the same rank for coming days? Is it advised to start such websites?

Can anyone share your experiences? I know many people are running such niche websites for affiliate marketing. :smile:


It is true that Google penalizes keyword specific Domain names but observation shows Google penalizes only Long tailed keywords. If your domain contains only a single keyword or at most two then I see it perfectly alright. In our case our domain is “” and there is nothing wrong in using the keyword blogger in it. But if you choose to write down a whole phrase inside a domain to rank for a particular set of words then you are surely not acting professionally and Google will surely identify such sites and penalize them.

Professional websites are simple in branding and this is what Google recommends too. The keyword in the domain only helps you if your content is rich in quality, authority and trust i.e. your site is E-A-T as google mentioned in its Public Ratings Guidelines.

Even a kid can tell if a website with domain name “HapyMothersDayCards” is spammy or authoritative.