Is Domain age consider ranking factor?


Good after noon my friends,

I want to ask one question and to all SEO expert, Did domain aga consider ranking factor?

Because my compositors domain age is around 3 to 5 years and my domain age is around only 1 year and I build very good backlinks of my website but my website is stack at 8 position and my 5 and 6 number position is not strong but has domain expiry of 3 to 5 years.


That’s an interesting question. I’ve noticed a similar thing about a number of domains that i’ve worked with.


@Yunus_Khan @Alberts – Matt Cutts said in one of his video that the domain age is taken into consideration but it is not an important ranking factor. A really old domain might get valued more by the search engine (Google) but if the difference is of 6 months or a year then that is overlooked.

Hope this helps.



hey, thanks for making that clear. I also read somewhere that blogging on a regular basis to improve ranking is a fallacy. I’m a little convince that that’s true


I will second to what @rohan said. An ideal Domain age is always 3 years and web hosting companies themselves recommends registration for 3 years. This increases your trust and credibility level in the eyes of search robots in the Whois records


Hi, i think domain age are not effect on your Page Rank or website factor, because your domain are popular or get traffic or (page rank) if your build your back links, subscribe, gain traffic to social media or other sites. so you must do these things to grow your domain PR. :coffee: