Is blogger only for blogs or it can be used for sites?


Hello guys, Recently I was Trying to migrate to wordpress and there I found that there can be wordpress blogs and wordpress sites.So this question came up in my mind that is blogger only for blogs or Websites can be also made from blogger? AS the word ‘Blogger’ clearly specifies that its for blogging still though can we make a website using blogger?



Hi @Nafees, I think your question will be answered once you understand the difference between a blog and a website.

“All blogs are websites but all websites are not blogs.”

For more detailed explanation read this post: 15 Significant Differences Between A Website And A Blog.


Thankyou very Much @Rohan My all doubts are cleared except one!

Can we make blogger blog a static website?


Ofcourse. The landing pages that we get to see on Blogger are static (not all). And if you have a blog on Blogger whose contents won’t be updated and are fixed it can be considered as a static site.


Nice advise @Rohan. Great post you shared.


Yes You Can Make Your Blog a Static @Nafees. Simply Use Some Static Template or One Page Template.Something Like Portfolio.But Widgets are Seen as You read Published Posts. Or You can Create Some Pages Only and Make It Static Thats It… Go Make Your Blog a Static Website using Some One Page Templates

Regards, ishworgiri


The pleasure is all mine Naman. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hello @Nafees. I think, we can’t make a website in Blogger only if we want ‘website’ functions like Login. But their is no problem in making a website through blogger as @Rohan already said.


Hi, we can create.I have made one but want to confirm it is suitable for all.


We can make simple static website within blogger if you are not much focusing on seo. try this video tutorial to create website in blogger.


Yes you can create simple websites sites on blogger but it is not advisable from SEO point of view. Try to build site on self hosted wordpress account. It will be good from SEO point of view as well.


May be blogger can used for site. We have to analyze this. Thanks for your question.