Is adding Hello Bar widget to your blog SEO friendly?


Hello everyone

Few dyas back, I added a Hello Bar full page pop up widget to my blog. I wanted it to appear only on the home page, so I added the following code to header section of my blog.

Now it is appearing only on the home page. Please tell me is this widget good for SEO and the way I made the widget appear only on the homepage, is SEO friendly.

You can see the live widget on my blog.


That was bad because , When i visited your site , I just confused about the contents of the home page , There is nothing in the home page but , It telling me to “Request a Review” . Avoid them or it will make confusion .


You might have not seen a cross “x” at the top right corner, of the page. Please visit my blog again. Also thank you for sharing the problem you faced. I think I should change its layout from full page view to page centered view.


@NamanKumar … I see the X for closing the window , But try to decrease the size of that window … I am sure that it will badly effect your blog .


Thank you for the recommendation. Check my blog again. I have maid some changes. Please give your feedback regarding the new layout


The new Layout of your blog was good than before , Users never confuse about your blog and it is looking too awesome than the old look . I hope you also realize the problem .


@MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC Thank you very much for the feedback. Can you tell me if this plugin will have any affect on the SEO?


I don’t think , Because it never block other content in your page . Most of the bloggers where using Facebook Like Box Pop Ups like your new Plugin . So in my opinion it never cause your SEO Traffic .


Thanks for the help again. Keep helping bloggers in this forum like this.


@NamanKumar I want to become a Professional Blogger , That why i am here on this forum . In the same time i am working with lot of other forums . In my life i never see a forum like this to help Bloggers . In case of Google Bloggers help forum , I Just get +100 votes to this forum , Because this forum is too active than the Google Blogger forum . Anyway thanks for encouraging me :mortar_board: .


as a user i really don’t appreciate but i dont know about Seo or other factor


@Tariq_aziz, you don’t appreciate for what. Please elaborate.


for this wiget you said that appear on home page mostly people do this now days


Kindly please tell me , why don’t you like it. Then only I’ll be able to improve upon.


because i am user i have to read and learn something if i like your content i will love to subscribed or share your post on my face book


You mean I should Rather add sharing buttons there? or add more sharing options.


@Tariq_aziz, Kindly describe about which you are talking about and what improvements you need on Naman’s blog. So that naman can think and implement them on his blog to make it perfect for a new reader like you.


no just focus on content and try to make different from others and i saw you and sharvish mostly do work hard but try to do every interesting exciting that no one ever did before


sharvish? You are talking about me? I think it is misspelled


Thats why I have started the Review Requester Service on my blog, Of which the Pop is about. Thanks for your advice about unique content. I’ll surely follow your recommendation. :smile: But under the topic

“Is adding Hello Bar widget to your blog SEO friendly?”

Please give your feedback about the widget.