Is adding form from JotForm is SEO Friendly?


Hello Bloggers. Today, I got a new form service that let you create beautiful forms for free without any efforts. But I am not sure that adding this type of forms is a SEO friendly way or not. I have created a form from it and added it on my blog’s page [here][1] and I want this page on 1st page on Google, that’s why I am asking this question. :smile:

@NamanKumar- Thanks to suggest this idea to me. [1]:


@Shivansh Actually JotForm is not SEO Friendly . Because they provide us I frame for implementing Form on our blog . They also providing Java-Script , That also bad for SEO .

The other problem , They only allow 100 submission per month , Not more . If you want more then you have to buy Premium A/c from them .


Thanks for quick reply. I am using JotForm by adding javascript on my page. My blog is new, so I don’t think that my submissions cross 100. :smile: Do you have any other online free form creator that is SEO Friendly?


@Shivansh , I don’t know . I checked lot of them . Everything like JotForm . In my case i never use outside services for receiving messages about my blog . I have my own Cpanel Server . So i can create contact form my self and implement my self .


Hmm. I got my question’s answer. I will try to search a form service like JotForm but SEO Friendly. :smile:


I still recommend you to use Google Forms.


@NamanKumar Google Form is also not SEO Friendly . They also getting I Frame for implementation . But it is quiet good .


All third party widgets or web apps can be embedded inside your blog as long as it does not inserts a inboundlink or backlink. So there is surely no SEO risk as long as the form does not insert links on your page. I reviewed your page and found it just fine, so yes you can use it