Is 20k views good in the first month of blogging?


Hello there!

From the past one month i am doing blogging.I started it because I did not have a job but fortunately I got my job after I started blogging.But I continued to blog and today After all hardwork I received a tremendous response and now I got 20k views! Yeah that’s great obviously according to me but I want Response from probloggers that is it good or okay or poor amount of traffic I received this month (First Month) ?


@Nafees it’s good that you got 20k in your first month! So continue your hard work and you will reach your destination quickly :smile:

BTW please share the url which got 20k Views in first month!!


Congratulations @Nafees for this huge success. Keep working hard (as you always do) and take your blog to next level. :smile:

@ngtechzone- You can find @Nafees’s blog URL by just going into his profile.


Hello Nafees, Congratulations , You really did a great job. 20k for first month it’s really a great sucess i think :slight_smile: BTW, Would you please love to share on which niche you are working?


20K view in first month of blogging is best. But it very much depends upon the traffic sources, and the number of followers. As you’ll not like only the traffic or search engines bots to hit your website. Congratulations for your blog and amazing views, but can you tell us more about the traffic sources and number of folloers or the people connected to you.


@juniortonmoy My Niche is blogging,windows and android related

@NamanKumar I am receiving most of the traffic from


So it means that, all of your traffic is just from social media, when you’ll stop sharing your things you’ll get no traffic. Sorry but its not an organic traffic and yeah you are getting this traffic only because you are sharing, no one else. You are not getting any search engine traffic. And please tell more about the readers, number of followers?


I am getting traffic from google also brother wait let me see how much views I got from google


I’ve got about 6k+ views from google



thats cool then. Its a great acheivement congo :slight_smile:


thnku very much btw please read my PM brother


It is really awesome Response Bro…carry on your hard work :grinning:


Thankyou @Ashish_Khadke I just believe on this statement ’ perseverance is the key to success’ :blush:


Congratulations @Nafees ! Nice to here !


At first, congratulations for having 20k views in the first month of blogging. Just do thing what makes you comfortable in blogging off course. I wonder what niche blogging you choose to get such massive traffic?


Windows android and blogger (WAB Formula) :heartbeat:


I am also jobless fellow and started blogging in hope to earn money ( may be in future ) but total 20 person visited in my blogging site in one month , maybe I don’t know tags ( or something important for getting traffic )