Invalid Adsense clicks on Adsense ads


Dear Friends, There is increase in the number of clicks on AdSense ads on my blogs since 2-3 days. It is almost double. The page views are same about 2000 to 2500 daily. When I look in to the Google analytic I found that the clicks are from different regions. I don’t know who is clicking and I fear that Google might consider it as invalid click and ban my Adsense account. I have emailed in detail to Adsense but there was no reply. Kindly reply what should I do or it is normal ?


It could be normal or might it not. You should wait for the AdSense Support Team’s Reply.


@Nirogikaya if you found, someone invalid click on your Ads, you immediately remove all ads on your site. so you never lost your Adsens Account. 1st sorry for lost your account. what next…? now don,t wast your time for blocked account, because google are receive million of mail, and they don,t reply any e-mail. if google Adsense ban your account, any time for invalid click or any other resin, they can never get you back your Adsense account to your old website or blog. now you make your new website or blog if you re-open your Adsense account. otherwise if you don,t make your new site you can go to other advertisement company like a (BuySaleAds). Best Of Luck :thumbsup:


Hi @Nirogikaya, Your Question is asked by nearly Every Newbie Blogger who is earning from Adsense or want to do so. Adsense have a lot of Strict policies and they can Ban your account whenever they want. even they don’t tell you the Reason. That’s why I hate Using Google Adsense.

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Happy to Help you Anytime you want :smile: ~ Umair Akram