Installing Breadcrumbs in Blogger! [SOLVED]


In my previous post " How to add breadcrumbs to your search result " is asked the bloggers about how to introduce breadcrumbs and Rich Snippets in your blog. So finally I have come up with the best and easiest solution as posssible. First of all, if you want to introduce Rich Snippets or just breadcrombs into your blog, then you must know or just understand the basic coding. But yeah its true that everyone is not a programmer, so if you want to work on this but don’t know how to code just let me know via private txt.

So lets start with the very basics:-

Source: Google Breadcrumbs can contain a number of different properties which you can label using microdata or RDFa markup. Google recognizes the following breadcrumb properties.

Property Description

title The title of a breadcrumb.

url The URL of a breadcrumb.

child The next breadcrumb in the hierarchy. The child must be another Breadcrumb item.

If you have to use this on blogger, then you must use the following RDFa Format.

This is just an example, you can learn for from Google Support Forum (All about Rich Snippets)

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