In a big fight with Blogger over locked blogs NOT getting reviewed


I have 7 locked blogs out of 94. All blogs are the same layout except body content. The ones that got locked in the past, all got reviewed and restored as “not spam” within a week. I have never had any of these blogs not restored. I have been waiting 40 days plus for some to get reviewed.

Again all these blogs are clean of spam as ones very close to them always get restored in the past.

Once I appeal, they come back several days later, ready for a new appeal. A bounce back from appeal. This has happened 4 to 5 times for each of these blogs.

I say they are not being reviewed because they are not locking again as new locks, but are something else entirely

  • if it were a new lock, the old lock would have to be restored first and they are not doing so, as I would receive a message that the first lock has been restored

  • if it were a new lock it would reset the deadline to submit a appeal to 90 days, and it does not, it preserves the deadline of the first lock (53 days, 57 days, etc.) but acting as if I never appealed in the first place…it literally makes no sense if you think about it Another crippling problem, I am unable to do any blogging because the blog will get locked immediately and I will lose them to bouncing back from appeal as un-reviewed. In effect, my account is in a suspended state.

Please help the Forum Mangager for Blogger “Liz P.” a google employee, refuses to contact the Appeals team over this matter


By the way when they come back from appeal, ready for a new appeal, I appeal all over again for each one. Several days later they ALL come back again, simultaneously, so it to me seems obvious they are in some kind of automatic time out situation. No human would be doing this, I don’t think, as they come back as a group , do not come back one by one, and at different times…so this is an endless loop with my blogs in limbo,has ANYONE seen anything like this before?


Hi @baxter21

It is really unfortunate that you are facing such inconvenience. Indeed due to millions of customer base, Blogger team is overloaded with thousands of emails on daily. But that being said, of course does not give blogger team an excuse to simply put your business on pause. This is indeed a bad customer service.

I would request you to share your concerns on the official blogger forum where Blogger Employees moderate the forum and read serious concerns. Please rewrite your entire concern, giving screenshots of the emails and also your blog urls. Explain your case more clearly and turn it into a serious discussion.

Things get worse when you don’t speak out! So ask them straight on their official medium and send that post as email to all Blogger employees through google+ and whatever medium you find.

I am hopeful only this way, your case will be handled more humanly and less through a robot.


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