Improper Meta Tag Showing in Search Result of my Blog Post


I have a problem of my Blogspot Blog related to SEO. My meta tags for Home Page - iDroid Horizon is Good. Its Showing properly in Google Search Result. But Some of my post’s meta tag is not working in Google search result. Whatever Post Description I added inside Post Editor, is not Showing in Search result. See this Snap :

Inside Post Editor I added something like this in Search Description :

This is the LATEST Update of CyanogenMod 12.1 ( Nightly ROM released on 16 June 2015.

But, See the Snap above. What is showing in Google search ! Why this is So ? Any one help me How to Fix this Bug ? @Nafees @Mohammad @Rohan @vector

P.S : I Use Dynamic Meta Tag Description as per instruction of My Blogger Tricks.


Because Google can ignore your meta description as per user query.

You should search your site with this Google dork “” then you will see the meta description that you wrote.