Important Question for Sitemap and Custom Domain Sitemap



Few months ago i have created a blog on blogger and the url is then after some time i got my custom domain and completed all the redirection process. i have added both and my custom domain ( on webmaster tools and submitted sitemap for both domains. Sitemap formate that i submitted is and

So my question is … Should i delete my old ( sitemap from websmaster tool? because i have added new sitemap for custom domain Or should i keep both sites and sitemap on webmaster tool?

Please advice

Do I need to resubmit sitemap after changing Domain Name?

Bro Now You Should Delete The Old Sitemap As If You Keep It Google Will Also index them and your visitors may face redirection to the new blog which will definitely waste your readers time so delete it :smile:

Hope You Understand Now :smiley:


Thanks for replying, So what about repeatation problem? duplication issue? Should i add too?


As Said Above You Should Remove From Search Engine Console And Keep The Custom Domain One To Avoid These Problems :smiley:


You can remove your old sitemap. Well If want to keep it, then they are no any problem related to duplicate issue or reputation since Google does it’s job very carefully about 301 Redirection :slight_smile:

@ngtechzone . No bro, Google does not index both of them. but it’s take some time to replace old url to new one. May be few days or many months. It’s depend on your site reputation. For example, if MBT blog, edit any post content, then it will update in only one days, because they have a such reputation, So Google crawl such a site very deeply, and update it’s result in few hours.

Gaurav@ Don’t do anything, just add your custom domain in GWT, and add your new sitemap that’s it. Google do all the thing automatically for you. but as I said it’s take some time.

May be your old blogspot url help in future, for example. if some of pages that still indexed on Google after so many months, and it is not redirected to any URL or return 404 error. So you can request to removal from your old GWT dashboard.