I'm getting horrific results from google's pagespeed


How can i fix this issue without changing the template?


The template’s actual pagespeed score is 81 in desktop. But, it is low of you blog because you have not omptimized your blog images. See it here.

Do the following steps:-

  1. Open Optimizilla.com
  2. Open all images mentioned in pagespeed’s Should Fix section (URL of them is given).
  3. Save all the images you opened on a new folder.
  4. Now, upload all of them in Optimizilla.com and wait.
  5. When, Optimizilla complete compressing your blog’s images,download all of them.
  6. Now replace the images with your old blog post images.
  7. Then check your pagespeed score again. :smile:


@Shivansh thanks for chipping in, but this warning is not about image optimization alone. if you at the screenshot id says there’s a blocking script resources and 6 blocking css resources. Im worried about this part.

I look forward to giving you some feedback about the template on sunday when you have time


You cannot get 100% score in Google Pagespeed. You can see MBT’s pagespeed score. It is also low (not so) and they have also that warning.

If you want to remove that warning, you will have to remove all external links which contain jquery plugin, font awesome icons, oswald and GodOfWar font. But if you will remove them, your template will not look beautiful any more.

That links never decrease pagespeed score much. And, do you know? Some months ago, my blog’s pagespeed score was under 50. I only optimized my images using optimizilla and now my pagespeed score is 75.


so it doesnt affect ranking? that would be my main concern at this point.

otherwise is there somehow a means we can discuss about the template when you have time?


63 and 60 is not a good score but also, not a bad score. You can optimize your images for getting 70+ score easily. :smile:

I don’t think 63 score will affect ranking.

Yeah you can. Using PM.


Well I have 65 score in mobile view and 77 in desktop view.


But I am still using font awesome and other fonts like Oswald and facebook and twitter buttons.


Instead Of removing the scripts you can host them internally it will boost up your Google PageSpeed Insights Score.


@hassan its not matter of javascripts and CSS! You can see in the above image of the report. Its all because of heavy and very high resolution Images. Compressing will solve the problem. as @Shivansh Mentioned Optimizilla is the best way.


yup thanx man. my pagespeed was 46 I followed your steps and it worked well. now speed is 78 :smile: just by the editing of picx