If you owned this blog, what kind of topics would you write about?


hey fellow bloggers, i already asked this on a different forum but did not quite get the response i was hopping for. i’d like to put you on the spot today. Basically what’s going on here is, when i started my blog and picked a niche for it i was not very sure i would always come up with great ideas to write about. I brainstormed on a couple of ideas and settled on writing about how people can get the best of their android devices. Nonetheless I was aware i would probably face challenges later on on my blogging journey but kept telling myself that even if i did, i would still do a little research here and there and would eventually find something to share.

Well, lately my ideas have become stale and i feel like i should incoporate a few more topics just to spice things up.

So my challenge to you today is:

If you owned this blog androidtipster.com what topics would you write about? please share your ideas and possibly help me get beyond this huddle that i’m currently facing.

Looking forward to your suggestions


@Alberts You know about your blog better than us. :slight_smile:


Still if you want some ideas then join forums which discuss about the topics you write about. Learn what others are talking about and write on Trending topics. If you blog about “Android phones and apps” there are endless things to write on. Just consider reading the tech - Gadget news. :slight_smile: All the best.