I will soon resume blogging - Let me know who is alive!


Hi everyone,

My mother passed away just recently and I have shared this story here: :link: I lost my mother

What kept me busy for a year was a detailed research on cryptocurrencies and blockchain that can now be accessed here: :link: Bitcoin Is Scam

I am planning to publish a lot of blogger themes and tutorials. Let me know who follows MBT regularly and what is it that you would like me to address first.

Long time buddies. I want to hear, how are you all! :slight_smile:


Dear brother,

Iโ€™m following you since 2013. i.e since my college days. I always love to read โ€œAboutโ€ page in MBT. Thatโ€™s my first inspiration to start blogging. On seeing the post about your mom, I was cried.

I always visit MBT for new tutorials. Create new themes for blogger. Write about SEO in 2018 and beyond and much more. Write about how to remove Google plus codes from themes because they are going to shutdown it which everyone knows. Setup a team and make this forum more active. It seems like WP is indirectly killing blogger. But I wonโ€™t give up. I will stick with Blogger custom domain.

Thank you for coming back! Teach us more!


Good to have you back, brother. Eagerly waiting for your posts.


And I am deeply sorry about the loss of your mother. May Allah grant her high rank in Jannah.


Woah! Thatโ€™s great. I look forward to see my favorite blogger back in action.