I wanted to go back in blogger from Wordpress


Good Day To All,

I wanted to go back in blogger from wordpress, and I wanted to get my all post in my site the combinebasic.info, I’m not the owner of the domain server where my site hosted. I use and I paid only my hosting to Him. Now its expired I tell him that I will stop now in wordpress and I wanted to retrieve my post from his server. Then i will go back to blogspot, which is the combinebasic.blogspot.com

My question is how I can retrieve my files if he will not responded to my request. And how I can delete my site so that my old blogspot name combinebasic.blogspot.com can function again.

Any help that know this problem kindly give me ideas and answer to my question. I have no idea of hosting and domain. More power to all


Bro You Can’t Export Posts From Wordpress Unless You Know The Password Of That Account. :sunny: But I Know The Answers Of Your Other Questions Which I Will Tell You When You Know The Password As Password Is Main! :smile:


Hi ngtechzone, I solve now about the problem of my cname and A type, it just the HOSTGATOR technical support is the answer, and thank you on it. But the other problem still exist. I need to transfer my old stuff from my old domain to my new domain in HOSTGATOR. My very problem is the owner of my old domain who registered my old domain using the wordpress is not responded to me. That’s why I need to teach myself how to handle the hosting and domain. And thanks to God I change my sub domain to new custom domain.

Can you share your knowledge to me sir about custom domain, like the SEO?