I want to start a Niche or Sub niche Blogs for adsense need suggessions


Hi I want to start a blog on any niche or sub niche which will be good for adsense i need you suggestions if any one have experience of can suggest it will be really helpful.

a lot of niches like health or technology etc which i have find out are already having a lot compositors so i think sub niche will be good to go what you brothers suggest ?


target rare high cpc keywords using semrush and create a blog with that keyword or content matching to that keyword


Be sure that you have basic in HTML javascript, and css because you will dealing with the coding and design of your blog site. And study the SEO, do not think first the income of your site, think first how you will design your site with coding and design including the seo and webmasters, then that income you said using ads will follow. This blogging is not easy, its a battle of writing and design, you should do your best. Be prepare brother…


why you need to design? When lots of themes are available.


Even though there are hundreds of templates we can buy outside there but if you have no budgets for it you need to customize the templates, logo sidebars, headers but if you have budgets its no problem there are many bloggers who can customize and design your blog, like your brother and sir Muztafa.


but we get free templates out there? There’s everything at ease nowadays


Yes but you need to customize it, like the SEO so its involve coding and you need to design your header like logo and other widgets. Don’t think first the ads all you need is to install and customize the look and feel of your site and study the seo and webmaster like the keywords. Then that income will follow. [http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2012/01/what-skills-are-needed-by-professional.html ] There are another post there that you will learn to start as a blogger.