I want to make Dofollow BackLinks for my Blogger Website


Assalam-o-Alikum. I want to make Dofollow BackLinks for my Blogger Website. Http://www.pkstores.com is my website which is started abount 2 months ago.I try to create backlinks but there are only 13 Backlinks.Tell me Some Tricks to get Dofollow Backlinks.And Give some tips How to get Google PageRank.


@pkstores Olaikum Salam Bro, There are many ways. One of the easy way to find dofollow blog list is using google search engine. Like Your Keyword “comment here” example (pets food “comment here”) and hit the enter button you will find tons of dofollow side with your keyword. You can also use keyword “add comment”, keyword “submit comment”, keyword “add url”, keyword “submit url”, keyword “submit a site” etc. and just rename the keyword with your desire keyword. After finding list you need to do relevant comment. There is free website named drop my link to find dofollow blog list :slight_smile:


Hello, You need to create dofollow backlink for your website. Because nofollow backlink has no value. There are a lot of sources to get dofollow backlinks for your website. You can try blog commenting, social bookmarking, directory submission, questions and answer sites like Quora, and more.