I want to Change my Link Colour only for Post Body


I want to Change my Blog link colour to yellow colour. Presently its colour is like normal text. But only on Mouse hover, it shows yellow colour. I have tried to change its colour and when I changed it, entire links of my Blog have been changed to yellow including popular post, footer Credit links etc. which I don’t need. Please help me Only to change the link colour of my Blog post to yellow. My Blog URL : http://idroidhorizon.blogspot.com


add this code to your css

.entry-content a {
  color: yellow;

Change yellow to whatever color you want!


I think @nafees’s method would work but in case it not work, just use this code (place it above ]]></b:skin>)

.post a {

To change its hover color:

.post a:hover {

To change the color when link clicked:

.post a:active {

Apply above CSS after customizing (change #000 or #FFF or change color) it above ]]></b:skin in your template. :smile:


Thank you @Nafees and @vector for you Kind Help. I’m gonna try it right now.


Welcome @saeedashifahmed Hope it works! :smiley:


Yes Bro, It works Like a CHARM!! You Can See iDroid Horizon


Welcome! and don’t forget to give the answer a ‘like’ which worked for you.