I want to change my Blogger template. Will it effect SEO?


I want to change my blogger template because of some reasons. I fear that it will effect the SEO of my blog. I just want your suggestion. So, guide me, whether should I change it or not?
And suggest me some blogger template which should be SEO friendly, responsive, Fast Loading and beautiful.


Hello @saadwasil Now If You Change Your Template It Will Not Effect Too Much SEO But The Meta Tags In Your Blog Will Get Removed for a limited time which will not effect your blog Also if you choose a bad template which is non responsive and not seo friendly then it will effect your blog. So If you are in emergency you can definitely change your template without any fear :smile: Also There Are Many Responsive SEO Friendly Templates Available so if you give me your blog niche i can suggest you a template :smile: Happy Blogging :smile:


@saadwasil, Hello! You are the first person I am going to help. :smile:

Firstly, Changing blogger template effect your blog SEO. And yes! you can change it without fear but first confirm that the template you are going to choose should meet these requirements:

  • Template must be responsive.
  • Good & User Friendly Design
  • Add Best Meta Tags but add them in limited number because nowadays, new bloggers add unnessesary meta tags with doesn’t means anything like ‘rating’.
  • Template must load fast.
  • Template should must have a sidebar, footer, header and of course- Post Area.

And one more and important thing- If you download a free template, I request you to keep credits. :innocent:

Some Amazing Templates:-

  1. Awesome Mag
  2. Masala Template
  3. Sevida
  4. Kontify
  5. Flat Mag
  6. Arcade Mag

If you want more suggestion, then please tell me your niche.


I am suffering the same problem for my blog (http://www.megaupdate24.com/) please help me also for the same reason .


But recently i changed the blogger template and i lost all the traffic. Please guide me


Just keep the meta tags then apply it on your new template.