I want to add some code or id for an image to appear anywhere i want



I want to add a image with some code like the adsense in middle of the post ie: <–adsense–> Basically what i mean to say that i have to just add a short keyword (eg: Img here) and the image should appear over there and that doesnt mean that i have to upload the image.

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Thankyou, Nafees


Is this a request for a new shortcode? Please elaborate what you wanna say.


For sure

You might be Knowing that how to add adsense in middle of the post or anywhere in the post by using a Tag (something like '<–adsense–> ' So I mean If i want to add an image with some tag inside the post anywhere

hope you could understand it :smile:


@Nafees You can do this by calling (DIV ID) , To do this you need to create modify the CSS style in blogger template .
Example :

div.image {

Add the above code in your Blogger CSS code by editing the Blogger template . Replace the http://placehold.it/350x150 With the image address which you want show when calling the (DIV ID) , Now save the Blogger Template .

<div class="image"></div>​

Use the above code to call the image where ever you want to show on Blog-Post . Or you can use the same (DIV ID) For calling the image to your Blogger Sidebar or anywhere in the Blog .