I want some one expert to review my site and guide me


i want few expert brothers to review my site, especially Mustafa bahi.

my link is


  1. improvement in design , to add or substract any thing??

  2. i was using ipage, shared hosting is it good? it was taking 1 - 3 seconds to load my site, then i started CDN ( cloudflare, free plan) and it now takes 4 to 6 seconds

  3. Is my site ready for google adsense? last time i applied i got rejected with this reply "Issues:

Site does not comply with Google policies Site does not comply with Google policies: We’re unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because we feel that your site does not comply with Google AdSense policies or webmaster quality guidelines. It’s our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria.

For more details, please read the webmaster quality guidelines

  1. any other adsense other then google? for site with low traffic? 120 to 200 visitors per day?

  2. can we copy images from google for our article? general images ???

it might be a lot to ask, but i will really appreciate if some one can answer and review my site


Ali Rao


Hi @The_Next_Rex, I think I answered and gave you my opinions about your site. Was the previous thread deleted?


nope, its not, i just got free from exams, i will surely follow ur suggestions, actually i wanted a feedback from @Mohammad also :smile:
and others, so i reposted in this catogery


my site is insuranceandbloggers.wordpress.com

i need help


Hi @susman436, You can choose the relevant category and post your questions. In case you need a review about your blog kindly head towards creating a new topic for it. I hope this helps.

P.S. @Mohammad, could you please let us know if WordPress users can create topics for any help or they can be taken care off in the PM? Thanks.


@Rohan i just got to know, wordpress users can not :frowning:


Thank you for the confirmation. @susman436 We would be happy to help you out if you have issues or queries regarding Blogger blogs. Thanks.


First you need to buy a self hosted domain which I call an independent domain which is free from .blogspot or .wordpress … Next thing will be to create and publish quality content on your blog.


Hi @HusnainMz, I am sorry I disagree to you. I have .blogspot (subdomain) on my blog URL still I am proud to be more relevant and my blog has certainly more engagement.

If she wants to be a hobby blogger or just wants to express her thoughts without selling any services or creating a brand, I think .blogspot or .wordpress is good.

Having a .com extension doesn’t makes someone a blogger or writer. Its the contents which matter the most. Thanks.


@Rohan, I am agree with you. Templatefy also think that .blogspot domain is not good. But I have continued with .blogspot.com because I want to see the that .blogspot.com domain really bad? or this is just myth of some peoples. Because most popular blog helplogger is also using .blogspot.com domain and is still very popular So I am also disagree with HusnainMz and Templatefy


Agreed. Until and unless you don’t wish to create a brand a blog with extension .blogspot is okay. More power to the blogger users. :smiley:


if you dont plan to use google adsense then sub doamin is cool, why pay extra, and yes quality maters as @rohan and others said



Seo recommendations for your site

  1. Your social share count is low. You can improve the rank of your site by creating high-quality content that people want to consume and share.

  2. You need to increase your back links,

  3. Create more content rich pages, as it will help you rank for more long tail keywords.

  4. I’ve noticed that your tag is too long. It’s best to keep your meta description between 150 and 160 characters.

Answers to your questions

  1. There is no need to improve your design.Your site already has responsive design which is good.I suggest you to add a social widget to sidebar.

  2. Most of my sites are on shared hosting. If you have a good host you should not worry about it.The only thing to keep in mind is server down time and server speed. A lot of websites can be affected by having a slow host or the website being deindexed for significant downtime.

3.For getting your adsense account approved click here to read the post.


Hi @The_Next_Rex, You can get Google AdSense approved for blogs with subdomain .blogspot too. Tho it is difficult but not impossible. :slight_smile:


I know what you are talking about but to give your blog a more professional look, buying a domain won’t be a bad idea. And why don’t you convert your talent into money? If you have something which people will love to see then why don’t you sell it?

If an investment of a few bugs can help you to make some good money then why don’t you do it?

That is what Muhammad is also doing.(Sorry to say this @Muhammad bro) He is literally helping us but he is not doing it for free. Do you really think that he just made this whole forum to just help others? Of-course not, Turning a blog into a business is something which we have learned from Muhammad. Even his blog’s slogan is “turning bloggers into entrepreneurs”. If you have some goods which no other has then don’t just give it to someone for free, turn your goods, services and expertise into cash. That is how you can both help others and can help your family too by giving them some financial support.

By the way If you hate money, it’s all right for you. But majority of people love it, in-fact they start blogging just for money instead of doing it for fun. So sharing things isn’t bad, I was asking her to buy a decent domain because if she wants to earn some good amount of money from her blog then she will need it.

Lets talk about buysellads. They only allow unique domains(which are free from that .blogspot and .wordpress).

I think I have made my point very clear. However, if someone just wants to do blogging for making others happy then he should stay with .blogspot or .wordpress domain but still if he has some budget to buy a domain then he must buy it.


if i am not wrong, it says subdomains can not have adsense.


no. Blogger Subdomain can have adsense by using earning tab in blogger


Where did you read that? Please share a link with us. Thanks.


Hi @HusnainMz, Thanks for replying.

Yes, a domain does gives a more professional look. That’s what I already stated that if you want to establish your brand so domain is a must.

There are people who enter blogging just for money and there are some who are there for learning and expanding their horizons.

Here, @susman436 left us clueless about what kind of help she wants. Nor she talked about making money (at least publicly; I don’t know if you had any private conversation with her).

Blogging can be someone’s passion too. It makes them as well as their readers happy. :slight_smile:

Yes @Mohammad bro does have that tagline for his blog. That doesn’t mean no services can be provided for the betterment of mankind.

Thanks for continuing the discussion. Have a great weekend. :smiley:


in google adsense guidelines,… i will try and find it and will share with u