I Re designed my Bog Today Can you please review it


@Mohammad @Mad @Templatezy @Shivansh @chinnilax and all other Active members I just redesigned my blog [www.alltechhope.com][1]

[1]: http://www.alltechhope.com can you please review it and suggest me for further designing changes

Especially from the Admin @Mohammad bro I want you to review my site and tell me the further changes I need to do.

And I also want to know the placement of my ads is in Monetizing way or not


First of all you need to improve your navigation section, make it responsive…!!!

Check the screenshot below…


Hi @Rajkumar, Following are some improvements and suggestions.

You can work on improving your loading speed. Try compressing/compacting the images, Javascripts, CSS, HTML. Optimize images by including file name, alt text, title, description and caption.

Some minor grammar and spelling issues were detected. Try improving them. Proper grammar and spelling is a signal for readers that the content is high quality.

Good that you don’t have longer URLs. Long URLs don’t perform better on Search engines. But I found that some of your posts have poorly structured/formed URLs. Try inserting relevant keywords in your URL.

At some places in the posts you have long paragraphs. Make sure to make them shorter as Internet users have shorter attention span and they might skip reading the content if they are not broken down wisely.

Also try working on your top navigation menu. For devices with smaller screen, the top menu looks clumsy.

Hope this helps.

~ Rohan Chaueby.


You need to Adjust your Main Navigation Bar. See My Screenshot.

Gaurav Vishwakarma

Thank You.


Hi, Your new design is ok. But you should check the menu and also footer. You have only one widget in the footer and so much extra space in the footer. So your footer is looking bad. If you add some extra widget to your footer then It will look more good. :smile:


Need some improvement on page speed, try to match the search form (too small) and the button too :smiley:

As @GKVish told you :blush: try too make it full size, and when I trying to resizing my browser your navigation looks bad (sorry) :confounded:


@GKVish @mybloggertricks @Rohan When I try to resize the Navigation It is become clumsy and I can’t change it

So if you have any further code to fix this problem then share it


Sorry for not replying you. But Now I am free because my exams are ended! So here’s the review.

Sorry @Rajkumar, But I don’t like your template because it is not eyecatching and not fully responsive. You can customize your blog in these ways:

  • Favicon- Try to Create a eye catching and a Good favicon on your blog. Your present favicon is so simple.
  • Responsive- Firstly, Your navigation bar is not fully responsive and you should add display:none on sidebar in mobile to make it good looking.
  • CSS- Why Not you add some CSS to make your Blog’s Template stylish? Like on About Raj Kumar Widget, you can add border of 9px with border radius 100px.
  • Template is Too Slow- I don’t know what’s the reason, but your blog’s template is too slow. Try removing some scripts from your blog.
  • Use a Good Background Image- You should use a background image on your blog’s template. You can follow This article that let you add the background image without increasing blog’s template load speed.
  • Blog Post Words- I have read some of your blog post and felling them boring. Try to add some good graphics and right more that 500 Words.

I think, You got your review. :smile:


@Shivansh I think u r the web developer right?? So if you don’t mind can you share the code to add Navigation menus at the top left corner which is portable for all screens.


I also have redesigned my blog to a google friendly and is now fast loading please check it out and give me comment and suggestions :smiley:


Hi @ArjunChandran, You may ask your questions in an another Review topic to get it answered by all. :slight_smile:

And @Rajkumar, Sorry for the late reply. The navigation bar is now fixed at you blog. I just checked it on a device with smaller screen and it is working fine. :slight_smile:

~ Rohan.


why not @Rajkumar? Do you want this Navigation bar? This navigation bar is developed by Blogger Yard and currently, they are not using it. It is responsive as it will transform into menu button on smaller screens.


@Shivansh thanks for u r support but myself I solve the problem with my navigation. Now it’s working properly


Your Blog footer was too long … Just decrease it’s size


Yeah, that is because of his Adsense converter widget. Not sure why he wants it on the footer.