I notice visitors don't click on widgets tabs. Is it a problem?


Hi everyone,

I have noticed people are not familar with widgets inside tabs, I would like to know if it happens with you too guys. What are your thoughts about that. Have someone noticed that too?

Tks a lot.


How did you notice that David? Are you using any tracking code for that purpose ? :smile:

Multi Tabs widget is not a new Design adoption, it is there since Javascript was born and users are quite used to it because all major web services are making use of it. You see Tabs in your Gmail, inside your Iphone Apps, Inside your Windows OS and where not? Uses are quite habitual with it and know exactly that this particular widget saves space and delivers different content when you switch between the tabs.


Hi Mohammad, I noticed that observing and talking with some visitors directly. Yeah for me and you those tabs are quite usual but fot the majority I think it’s still a mistery. Definitly some people don’t catch up the general idea.

Well I have been switching the widget elements inside the tabs after a while so people get more familiar with the idea of multi tabs.

Thanks a lot.



That is true people get accustomed with it as soon as they use it more frequently. Really appreciate the input @MBTDAVID Thank you