I need your advice on how to add logo to my blog


Hi guys, I need a quick solution from you Im trying to replace a blog’s tittle with logo but there’s no widget for header in layout. How can i fix that?

I’m looking for a quick solution to help a friend who’s new in blogging and is not experienced in html editing.

Looking forward to your assistance


May You Please Give The URL Of The Blog which is facing this problem :smiley:


Okay It’s Simple Just Follow The Below Steps-

1- Go To Blogger >> Template

2- Edit HTML

3- Press Ctrl+f to Find <div id='header-inner'>

4- After finding this code you will see a code like this below the code stated above-

<a href='http://www.evolvingperceptions.net/'>Evolving Perceptions</a>

Now Replace The Code With-

<a href='Blog URL' style='display: block'>
<img alt='BLOG TITLE' height='93px; '  src='LOGO URL' style='display: block' width='388px; '/>

Finally Replace BLOG URL with blog url, BLOG TITLE with the blog title and LOGO URL with logo image url.

Tell Me If That Worked Or Not :smile:


@ngtechzone it worked!

thank you so so much :slight_smile: !


Your Welcome @Alberts. I am Glad That It Worked For You :smile: Keep Asking Such Questions :smiley: And Good Luck :thumbsup:


Grate Help, @ngtechzone

Shared Simple steps to solve this kind of problems. I don’t require this code, but I wanna appreciate your help. Thanks


Your Welcome @Sandhya . I am always here to help others :smile: Good Luck :thumbsup: