I need urgently to create a gadget for categories and a horizontal menu with images and hover effect


Hello guys! I have glued my eyes on the screen the last few days trying to finish a template only now I’m with a barrier. I want to create a horizontal menu and bookmarks in the sidebar with the hover effect and could not find anything so far.

Some blessed can help me?

This is a model that I thought of categories:


Hi Claudinei, Can you able to send me this image. So, I can make a Gadget for you.


Wowwwwwwwwwwww … Sorry so long to respond! I will be very happy! :slight_smile: How can I pass the images?


Just add the image that you want to convert into widget. Can you able to send me your website URL because I want to visit your website


Hello Bloggimg Vision this is the url: http://www.quatroestacoes.blog.br/ I want to use fortawesome for icons.


Hi Claudinei, I will make your wight but you need to wait for some time because I have changed my Website theme and making changing in it. So, it will take some time but I will give you widget after some days.


OK! I’ll wait, thank you very much!

I’m looking for a tutorial on the internet I can’t find anything anymore!


I am make tutorial on it after I will done