I need to make my blogger template mobile friendly


I just brought a blogger template i love the pc view but i dont like the mobile view, and i have the mobile viewi want to use with me here is loadedcities,blogspot,com/?m=1,

In short: I want to use the mobile view only of loadedcities,blogspot,com/?m=1 to Loadedcity,net and leave the pc view like that…

I have the both templates with me here


Mobile View


I checked out your Template on My PC. I noticed that your sidebar does not appear at it’s original spot, it is appearing below the posts. I think you should change your whole template, instead of changing mobile template only.
You can find better Responsive Templates for free on different websites. So, go ahead and find a perfect Template for your blog.
You can change your mobile template perfectly as you want but for this, you need CSS skills, a lot of Time and efforts.


which of my blog are you talking about? and can you give me a link to any recommended template


it needs some setting, nothing else.


can you help? @PriRabi PriRabi or any other suggestion?


@akotech, Basically this is a very vast topic. I will recommend you to read this series of how to make a responsive blogger template BY @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai(the forum’s admin)… Here is the URL: http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2013/05/design-responsive-blogger-template.html. Make sure that you re-check that your template is still mobile-friendly or not after implementing the tips of Mustafa. To check whether your template has responsive framework or not, please use this Google tool: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/