I need to design an ecommerce blogger blog template


Hi Mohammad please help me to design an ecommerce blogger template or help me to develop a shopping cart. i have searched net liked and downloaded a template, but i am unable to change its shopping cart details. I need help in setting up shopping cart. Moreover the checkout is through paypal, instead i need redirection to a page of bank details for payment.

We are dealing in 2 currencies so need to adjust shopping cart accordingly. for us dollar we are using paypal. kindly assist how both these things work out simultaneously.


Would you mind sharing the template you are using?


how can i share template, m not allowed to post its link


You can post links using some different words like replace (.) with [DOT].


ok here is the link http(:)(//)goo(.)gl/kdLM40


You should try beta commerce template from templateism.com it will be best for you because it is fully customizable with shopping cart.


thanks for ur suggestion. let me give a try.


its good but i do not want paypal integration, i just want readers to be redirected to page where they will get bank details


Hi hetal the shopping cart options in blogger are mostly integrated with Paypal because Blogger allows no sever access to the root directory where we could create new file system. I would advise you use Wordpress Opencart or WooCommerce system for selling products online. This is safe and secure way. You can then host that WP site on a subdomain and link it to your blogger blog just like we linked this forum to MBT

Blogger is not a recommended platform for running eCommerce sites


Thanks Mohammad for the reply.

Finally i stumbled upon a blogger template in which i can add more than one payment modes. But now new problem has cropped up. There is no option for shipping charges for each item, which is a must. If i include price and shipping in pricing itself and disclaim, other thing happens that it shows Shipping and Handling as Free in final checkout page, which is very annoying to me and so is the case with customer. Also there is no option to change order no. So can you please help me to make an option for adding shipping charge in description itself.

If i put a flat shipping charge to be included in the final check out page, in case of few items the shipping charge is more than flat rate.

Right now not to show free shipping i have charged a few rupees which is unfair to the customers. Also the mode of shipping is very jiffy, so wish to have convenient option of charging different shipping charge for each item.

you can view my website: www(dot)shirdisaibooks(dot)com

here is the link of my template http(://)bit.ly/1Hjx0bK