I need Recommendation of suitable template for my Blog?


I have an Blogger Tricks And Scientific Research Blog and i need to suggest me some matching templates for the blogs?


You can try Salahuddin Ayubi template created by MBT

Please see the demo version here: Salahuddin Ayubi and the download page here: Template Customization - Salahuddin Ayubi


And What About the Blogger Tricks Web? I also Want Recommendation for That Blog.


flat mag will do all the magic. Just try it! @zeshan123


How about this template ?



please Send Me the Link to download it

And Also give some template for Entertainment Blog


How can I download This Template For my BLog Please SEnd me the Download Link Also


@zeshan123 Here’s The Download link Revoltify Responsive Blogger Template


@zeshan123 here is the blog link http://arlinadesign.blogspot.com/ you can download Revoltify templates from here