I need help with some specific customization, mainly archive, and huge white space~


Help :frowning:

I’ve done all of this on my own, these are the blog I have, keeping my blog from being up and running, sorry if this is a lot to ask fro but I’ve tried everything in my power and knowledge~ Thank you if you can help!

Centering “older posts”, “home” and “newer posts” directly under the blog post. Kinda want them all close together Centering the “posted by” and what follows after, directly under blog. Centering “may (1)”, and “june (1)”, directly under where it says blog archives. You can see the 2 months are left aligned, I wanted them centered. get rid of the huge white space under “fuchsia galaxies 2016”. How to center, “reccomend this on google”. Anyway to center “posted by” and what follows after? It’s kind to the left too much. and if you could tell me where to put the codes if I were to edit them directly into the html editor

for centering the blog archive, is it possible to neatly have all the words lines up to the left but still be centered directly under the "blog archive? And can you make this work for labels?

((I’ve asked this question everywhere and still have yet to get an answer…)))