I need help about keyword density


As everybody knows that keyword density plays a very important role in the SEO of a blog. So, I need your help about keyword density.
I wrote a post about meta description tag in blogger. The article was just of 357 words. I used keyword Meta Description Tag, 4 times. Meta Description 8 times and the keyword Description, 15 times.
I want yo tell me that is the density of above mentioned keywords, SEO friendly?


the density of u r keywords must under 4% that’s better for SEO more than that is not good


@Rajkumar Then how to decrease Keyword Density


I personally never calculated that though some recommends that a good ratio of keyword density is 1.5%-3% but I never trusted on such mathematics when it comes to Content writing but always relied on common sense. Anything that is overused irritates the readers as much as it does Search robots. So as long as you keep a natural tone and use keywords when required and not forcibly, you are on a safe side. Use related or LSI keywords in your opening paragraph. Read my earlier post here which defines this subject even more


Hi Saadwasil,

As Mohammad said, we can’t make our content mathematically keyword rich. The best practise might be 1.5 - 3 %, but we should put the main keyword naturally. If we repeat a 4-5 word keyword many times, it will irritate readers. So, keeping in mind about the keyword density we should choose a 2-3 word keyword as main keyword and try to put all LSI or related long term keywords in the entire article.


@MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC just use u r common sense in writing Instead of using same keyword through out the article just use synonyms of that keyword