I have specific problem with images on my homepage. They do not show up


i noticed the photos don’t show on my blogger homepage like it does in the preview. could you explain why? this is my blog http://gianniszoom.blogspot.gr/ and TEMPLATE http://btemplates.com/2013/blogger-template-aware/demo/

The images does not appear in front of homepage. They appear only when you will read the post.

i dont know how to change it.

I cant show them.

I would like to help me anyone.


Well some images are showing up i think it is problem of the image resolution check the resolution of the images showing up and re size the image that are not displayed and replace the bigger ones with smaller ones or else change your template :innocent:


Because you have just copied the images from other website or anywhere from the net. When you’ll upload any image from the computer, it will definitely be shown on the homepage. To remove this error, you can first save all the images on your blog to you computer and then upload all the images again from your computer via editing all your posts. :smile:


@ArjunChandranactually its not like that. Just read what is the real problemand its solution. :smile:


The images are working fine on your template. You wont be able to see a thumbnail images for your posts containing just a video iframe unless you add the functionality for video thumbnails.


thank you for your help

i understand the construction