I have no idea what is going on with my blog?


I’m having problems with my blog The first problem is: My comment box is not showing up in front of my posts.

It only shows ups when you press Click To Comment

The second problem is: I made a new post but the new post is not showing up in my sub menu Kpop Rants even through I’ve put the label Kpop Rants and have the code below.

<li><a href='http://averagekpoppermideko.blogspot.com/search/label/Kpop%20Rants'>Kpop Rants</a></li>

Here is a picture example

When I click the Show all posts The post shows. I have no idea what going on? Will somebody please help. I have been asking questions from left to right. Blog


I’ve figure out the 2nd problem. I still need help with the 1st problem.


Bro… Just go in the Settings Section in the Blogger Dashboard… Then, Visit Posts and Comment Option and then Click On Comment Location and then hit EMBEDDED and In last to save the settings Click Save Settings on the top right hand side of the Blogger Dashboard… Hope this will sort out your problem. Have a nice Blogging Experience. For more Blogging Guide,Tips N Tricks, Visit my Blog at sms34 dot blogspot dot com .


I’ve done this way before you told me. Thanks anyways!


Your problem got solved or not ?? If not, tell us, may be any of us can help you…!!


It did not give solve. Please read my 1st question again. My comment box does not show up in front of my posts. It only shows up when you press Click To Comment. Visit my blog and see what I’m talking about.