I have applied google adsense but no reply from adsense team!


Its been two weeks and to date I have not recieved any response from the Adsense team as to whether my site has been accepted or rejected.

I am totally confused as to why I’m not getting any response from them. By prior experience with Adsense has been so good. They respond to your queries in 2-3 days. I am not sure what I should do.

Should I just apply for the Adsense account again using a new email address? Has anyone else waited this long? They say it takes them upto 1 week but its already been 2 weeks.

Please help @Mohammad


Hello Rashid. They will definitely reply just be patient OK. some times it takes a longer time before they could reply.


i also apply for adsense but no reply
my site have 46 unique content 1 year age traffic premium domainand template