I created a blog two months ago but I've failed to get visitors from search engines


I created a blog just two months ago but I’ve failed to get visitors from search engines. I only receive maximum 2 or 3 visitors from search engines. I have published 10 posts on my blog but when I search on Google by entering my blog post title, I don’t see that post even I reach to the 10th page of Google but 2 or 3 posts of my blog are such, when I search in Google by entering the title of the post, these posts appears on the first page. Can you please tell me that what I should do to get a lot of visitors from search engines moderntipstricks.blogspot.com


Just Wait and Continue to write Quality content on your site. Don’t Ever copy content from another site.


Don’t forget to sign up on Google Webmaster then submit a sitemap of your blog


@saadwasil Dear,

Its solely depend on quality. How much you have a quality in your site. Even people get ranking within a month with doing proper SEO tactic. We almost touched about 1k visitors with the publication of only 7 templates posts .

Point to be noted: Your site will never consider valuable for readers until you redirected from .blogspot to custom domain. Do it before you wish to have large tendency traffic.



All you have to Sign Up at Google Webmasters>>Add Blog>>Submit proper sitemaps and write quality articles with unique blog post titles to attract visitors from Google, As your blog is new (sandboxed), wait a while let Google trusts it and then see.

Note- You should start link building along with writing posts to your homepage. Learn and Implements Proper SEO techniques to conquer.

Thanks! I hope it helps, dont panic.


Upon doing a quick SEO audit of your site using Google’s web query below


I found that almost 25 of your pages are indexed and well crawled by Google, which is great! Which means Google is crawling every word that you type! What you lack at this moment is content on your site and quality inbound link to rank higher on Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)

Follow these tips to achieve your blogging goal:

  1. Start writing at least one post per day by keeping basic SEO guidelines in mind for six months
  2. Get a custom domain
  3. Work on your site User interface. Make your template’s structure both user and SEO friendly
  4. Submit each post that you publish to Social media networks by sharing it on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  5. Make network friends and write few guest posts to get quality backlinks
  6. Don’t post outdated stuff and bring something unique to the world because that is what that brings traffic!
  7. Don’t care about earning for at least six months and focus only on content with patience
  8. Lastly work hard with sincerity without eating some one else’s hard earned efforts and bring something unique because you are surely far more talented than what you think of yourself if you explore your God gifted potentials.


@Templatezy, As You said:

I think it is not true. blogspot.com users can also get large tendency traffic, Take the example of helplogger.blogspot.com. This is one the popular blogs on internet in blog-o-sphere. and getting very high traffic. So how is this true that your said?


@Shivansh Dear,

We Know that they are same in respect of traffic, but think itself, will it worth .blogspot domain more than a custom domain ?

Why people, want a custom domain, even when google provides .blogspot in free of cost ?

To built a quality audience, you must have a custom domain rather than ordinary domain like .blogspot or .wordpress etc. Custom domain is necessary for brand name.

The site you mentioned helplogger.blogspot.com. is never considered as a quality site in the eyes of Pro Bloggers. Custom domain should be the foremost job to do before jumping into a real online world. Thanks.


Bro, I have submitted sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.


Now, you just have to keep posting interesting things like the previous responders suggestions

@Mohammad also say, your blog indexed properly