I can't display ads using adsense booster plugin!


i used your site adsense booster plugin on my site… ads not displaying below the first paragraph…

i had a doubt wheter i want to add code at end of 1st paragraph for each posts or your plugin will automatically dislpay the ad? @Mohammad dude please tell how to automatically place ads below 1st para using your booster plugin… reply as soon as possible i am using elice blogger template…


The plugin will embed ads just below the jump break. The ad will not display for posts where you have not added the jump break

Did you add the post splitter or read more link ?

The above tag


i just added all the codes correctly on my blog but nothing displaying after jumpbreak dude…

after that on my recent posts i manually edited and added tag and its displaying ads…

but help me how to automaticall embed on all the posts?/ my blog is mozbyte(.)com refer and help me, @Mohammad help


so i want to add for all the posts ?? there are many posts


you will need to manually insert the tag on all posts. To avoid causing violation of Adsense TOS we have not made the plugin automatic