I am Vietnamese, and I need a skill to write best english post?


I am a student. I wan to work Mashable, a big social media news website. I want to write blog post for them and get paid? My english skill not too good. Can everybody tell how to train writing blog for me? skill about how to write a blog can make Mashable accepted, and get paid, by 100%, not spend hard work for not thing?


Hi @james82

I understand your endeavour to write for Mashable but the fact that it is a giant social media news website, I don’t think it will accept any Tom, Dick and Harry. It will only accept people from a blogging or journalism background.

Nevertheless, if you persevere, you can do it.


By opening a blog.

But first, you need to learn how to write proper English (grammar, punctuation use etc.). You can do that by taking an English course online.

There are several websites out there on which you can take your course for a minimum payment. Just do a Google Search on the topic.

Hope this helps! C ya