I am new blogger.. how I make my blog good.. and how Increase visitors


Hi guys. I am new blogger. How I make my blog good? And how I increase my visitors?
When I should apply for adsense? Plz guide me… my blog is. Www.laraibbeautycorner.blogspot.com Plz check and tell me how I make it good nd attractive? Plz someone guide me. My blog views are only 100 per day. Nd posts Are 20.


Poor content

No one liked to link your site.

May be you have no idea what you have posted, may be you have read all these stuff from somewhere, and posted it in your own language.

Write your own stuff, if you are going to write same content, then add some helpful tips on it.


@Laraib_beauty_corner, First of all you should change your Blogger Template. You are using a default template which is not so good.

  • Secondly, I notice that you don’t write post titles. Titles should must be written, because they are very very important.
  • Thirdly, your posts are too short. Each post should contain at least 300 words.
  • You don’t use Headings and Images. Must upload one or more images in every post.

So, these are some important tips that you need to follow.