I am in big trouble suddenly de-index my post


Today I am really shocked when I open google web master tools I saw only 6 post indexed out of 46 article submitted . you can show in image. Kindly help me I dont have information about that


submit the sitemap again and fetch it than wait for some hours


It happens to me too. Past two days url number decreased twice !!!


There are many of experts like to answered your question, but your title of topic and content is said two different things. So At least again when you ask any question, please add the right topic name, and describe your problem from scratch.

First of Google does not gives you guaranty to you, if you submit sitemap, then your all post will be indexed. So it is depend on crawling. And Crawling is depend on your site reputation for example, if MBT blog post any article in his own blog, then within one hour or two hour it will be indexed on Google, just because Google deeply crawl such a high reputation site with time to time.

Well in your condition, Your site may be new or does not have a reputation from others. So Google take some time to index. As per mine opiniuon, just keep blogging. forgot about indexing. It will automatically index your all post, after few days or few months. And if you want quick result, then you can use fetch tools, and there is option to submit URL or use this link directly to submit each blog post one by one. But I suggest to you wait for auto index. :slight_smile: