I am facing problem for Google Adsense


Pls. am facing problem with google adsense, over a year, you site don’t not policy with google adsense, insufficient content.

Pls. can you put me through,

I will be very grateful, if my regard is granted.


Pls. am facing this problem since last year, bcos of this, i need to create another account, (247africamedia.com), i sign up for Google ad sense, they will approval me and after three day, reply me that insufficient content, i will setting my post up properly, i will resubmit, they will reply me that Site does not comply with Google policies, Pls. i kindly need your help, i will be very grateful, if you can help me out.


your site is not at all pleasant to look at. Why don’t you first find a good template for your blog and maybe the guys at google will not be pissed off when they take another look at it


Hi @Bimpe_Usman !

Even it makes me feel bad but I have to say that mostly Newbie Bloggers fails to get their Adsense Accounts Approved. Because Google have a strct Program Policies so its hard for even experienced bloggers to stay and manage with them.

If you want to get your Adsense Application Approved then I recommend you to take a look on this guide:

and Remember, Adsense is not the End of World there are other Alternatives too which can perform even better than Adsense!

Read this guide about Blog Monetization:

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