How will Migrating From Blogger to Wordpress Effect Traffic and Ranking?


Hello @Mohammad bro, My website is and it is hosted on blogger. I’m planning to migrate it to wordpress, everything is done, I just have to migrate it. My question is that on migrating, through what changes my website will go, like its effect on my traffic and ranking. After migrating, I will be able to use blogger dashboard or wordpress dashboard and how my content will migrate like images, permalinks, categories and its template. Bro I want you to personally answer this question.



Sorry for the late response dude. Maybe Mustafa is little busy on side work. as far as ur questions are concerned: Your new dashboard will be the ordinary Wordpress dashboard. No effect on ranking because the domain is same, You will have to choose a new theme after migrating. Sorry I am in a little hurry have to go for namaz. Will reply you shortly


You clearly stated that you need Mustafa sir to reply to your queries which might have prevented others from interfering.

And do not worry, Mustafa sir will answer you sooner or later that is what I have experienced in the past 21 days by being an active member here. :slight_smile:


First of all I would like to appriciate you for your query as many web developers are having this same question. And thank you very much for asking this question. Secondly I would like to say that, I don’t know you meant that or not but yeah something that I would say is that this is an open community and please give everyone a chance to answer your question, to help you out with your problem and yes if they too don’t know the answer they also can participate in the post and enrich their knowledge. If you want any particular person including @Mohammad to answer your question you can send him/her a private text. Now lets come to the answer of your question. Well I don’t think that much of your traffic will change as your website address will be the same. But yeah I’m not sure about the permalinks.


Hey, I am back again. As far as your permalink structure is concerned you will be able to choose 6 different categories of permalinks for your blog. As you can see in this image


Ops! I’m really sorry for that. Anybody can answer sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


I have replied to your message which you sent to me. I think your problem will be resolved.


I don’t think that he will migrate now :stuck_out_tongue:


Well Mr. Zohaib, will you still migrate to wordpress because after migration this forum will be a no place for you(Sorry to say this Mustafa :P). But you will be still able to ask questions about SEO. :stuck_out_tongue:


@HusnainMz Thank you very much bro for the timely help. You really solved my problem. Yeah you’re right, may be i migrate, but not now because I’ve heard hundreds of times that wp is better than blogger. Even after migration, as my blog is on blogger tricks so I’ll keep sharing tutorials on blogging and will surely visit this forum daily to help others :smile:


I am still on time! your post has not crossed the 24 hour limit! So I still have one hour to answer your post! :smiley:

Buddy this question is already answered in full details at mbt, which you can follow to make a smooth migration of posts and redirection of links.

But wait?

Why do you wish to migrate to wordpress? Just because people say it is great! I have been using both the platforms since years and here is what I have to say about such myths based on personal experience:

Never follow people who are making a living from a single source or have in-depth knowledge of a single platform only, consult people who are equally happy on both platforms and know both platforms well enough.

Migration of platforms is quite similar to changing templates. The only thing that needs care in case of platforms is to redirect the URLS properly else, you can manage your blog from Wordpress Dashboard and forget about your blogspot blog. You will not delete the blogger blog and instead convert it to classic template and redirect it to the new WP site because this will retain your backlink PR juice and maintain your Pagerank.

You will need to create new categories in WP because your labels will not migrate, Imports and exports are only for posts and comments. The images will remain hosted at Picasa so the images would work just fine on your WP site.

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@Mohammad Not an issue bro, you’re trying your best by replying to all queries. This idea of migrating came to my mind after receiving this message, can you please tell me about this mail and clear that they’ll delete or my gmail account. I haven’t sent even a single message using, don’t know why I received this message. I’m still worried about it.



That is so innocent of you. The email was from your webhost and you just need to click the “click Here” link to verify that you are a valid user and not a spam bot sending a burst of emails to their servers.

How possibly can they delete your gmail account when they don’t own it but Google? :blush:

You don’t need to worry and just contact your webhost to remove your email from black-list if incase you have not already done so


I contacted them they said they can’t do anything in this matter. They said you have just bought domain from us not the hosting, you should contact blogger support team. askforhost[dot]com I clicked that link but the page appeared with wrong referral error. You cleared that thank you very much.


Perhaps I have forgotten that this is a forum, I don’t know why I am using it as facebook but anyway can you tell us more about the second surprise???


@HusnainMz Same case with me I’m using this forum more than Facebook


I am too forget and I am using it more than and like facebook.

I want to know, why good bloggers like ankit singla and harsh agrawal is using wordpress for their blogs?


@HusnainMz and @zohaibliaqat That makes us even more happier! :smiley:

Let it be a surprise buddies! :smile:


The most sincere answer is by hosting your site to wordpress you can participate in affiliate campaigns and promote web hosting, Email Delivery systems, themes, plugins and you will get one extra option of making money. This is what they are often practicing else Blogger has every single tool that is required for publishing articles.


Haha Yeah! :stuck_out_tongue: Let it be surprise!