How to write like professionals?


Hi Please give me some tips for writing blog post’s . .As a beginner I have no experience in writing the post suggest me the basic tactics to write a post like professionals. I want to write in English but my writing skills are not good . and also give me some tips about writing seo friendly post. Tell me A-Z of Content writing. would really appreciate detailed help


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Should i hire writer for my new blog?


Wanna write like professionals? No english grammer book or essay writing book will work, seriously not. The only way is practice, examining your results and following other probloggers.

Practice: Simply write write and write, get them all profed and reviewed. I’ll help you in that, you may send me your writing at . I’ll review it and also get it reviewed by my other blogger friends.

Reading: Now this is the most important thing which will help you. Follow many probloggers like - Neil Patel at Quick Sprout, Jon Morror at Boost Blog Traffic and @Mohammad at MBT. Learn how they write, how they interact with other, how they attract others with their writing.

You can’t be a problogger in just a week, also not in a month or two, even not in an year. You really have to work hard for it and have sepend your time.

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Thank you @AmmarAli for quoting my answer here. It surely answers @ahmadali’s queries.

I partially disagree to you @NamanKumar (Naman), Why will grammar lessons not work for those who want to give a professional touch in their writing? Also, every blogger/writer should have his/her own style. Copying other probloggers writing style won’t do much good for anyone.

A Professional Blogger is a blogger who blogs for a living. People often confuse it with many other meaning out of this. And there are bloggers who have got quick fame and money within a year. :wink:

-Rohan Chaubey.


A good writer is must be a good reader. So, always try to read more and more to get your new writing style.


I agree with you @Rohan, actually I meant that only reading grammer books will not work, one have to practice and see other’s treand of writing. And by following probloggers I didn’t meant that one should copy them, rather he should learn what type of writing readers like. Okay yeah one should develop its own way of writing which may be loved by many. But following probloggers will help one to develop his own way of comunicating. Hope you’ll understand.


Content Writing Tip

There might be a lot of ideas that comes in and out when you are writing. This is somewhat a very difficult scenario that might happen for anyone after all. When you are too focused on writing alone, you do tend to forgot the consistency of the work that you need. When you plan to write an effective post, there are actually some quick tips that should be done. But, when you are that distracted it does feel that there are simply a lot of things that cannot be done at all.

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