How To Use This Forum - For Newbies :D


Hello Bloggers And Forum Members , I’ve Been Seeing That Many Newbies Are Not Able To Understand Basic Functions Of This Forum Therefore I Created This Post Which Will Help Forum Users To Know How To Perform Several Tasks -

#Creating A New Topic -

To Create A New Topic Press New Topic Button Found On Forum Home Or Press It -

Then Create A Topic Name And Select A Category Then What ? Do What You’ve Come For ! (Type Your Question And Click Create Topic)

Leaving Replies

To Reply To Any Topic Or A Post Simply Click Reply Button -

Then Type Your Comment And Click Reply :smiley:

Giving Likes :heart:

You can like a post which had helped you by simply clicking on :heart: icon -

By Giving Likes You Can Increase A User Reputation Level Or User Trust Level On This Forum :smiley:

#Flagging A Post :checkered_flag:

If you this a post is spammy or is not relevant then you can press the flag icon to send a notice to admin -

Sending Personal Mail :e-mail:

You can send a personal main to any user on this forum only when you’ve gained basic trust level on this forum. To send a P.M go to a user’s profile and click on message button -

So these are some basic functions of this forum , specially for newbies who are unable to understand the forum :smiley:

If you’ve any problem in understanding any thing about this forum just reply as said above :smiley:

Happy Blogging And Good Luck :thumbsup:


Bro it was of no need, whenever a user joins this forum, A PM is automatically sent by admin.

See this PM is sent to everyone

Anyways accept your good effort and will :slight_smile:


But Images Are A Better Way To Understand :smiley:


Images are also included in the pm, this is a quote that’s why images werent attached


just click the down arrow button and see images too


But Still Many Users Weren’t Able To Understand The Functions Of This Forum ! As 80% Of Them Skip Reading That Mail !


Because they might have a bad habit of not reading the guides… the system gives us a very detailed guide of how to use it


BTW No Problem ! This Might Help Those Too :smiley:


and How to make this Forum? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Bro to make this forum you require a good hosting, forum software , domain name which will cost you :smiley:

You may ask the forum admin through the P.M Feature :wink:


He means VPS hosting doesnt work on shared one. By forum software he means Discourse


@Nitishk as @Nafees already said that there was no need for the content you posted. And, as you said that most of the forum newbies never read the mail (it’s message, not mail), then what is the guarantee that they will read this one? After ten days, your topic will be down, below hundreds of questions, and then nobody is going to take care what you had posted.

When, a user sign up in the forum, he immediately gets a PM from Mohammad (it’s, automation) and by reading that PM, he can get all the info he wants.

Now, as you said that most the newbies skip reading that PM and don’t know how to use this forum, then the solution is one- Whenever, a user asks about how forum work or how to do certain things, then we can suggest him to read that PM instead of posting these topics.

I hope you will understand.


i can’t find any new topic button on homepage …