How to use social share button every post below


Hi friends how to use social share button every post below … screenshot thank you very much in advance for your time and consideration .

want Same as above style , so plz


well the best option I can give or the best plugin is addthis! you can visit their website and follow the instructions


Thans sir , i know but i want


ok no problem brother can you tell me from which blog did you snip the snap shot ?>

i will try to provide the code


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You can add the sharing widget by playing with the below code.

.share-post {
border-top:1px solid #eaeaea;
margin:10px -15px -20px;
padding:10px 0 10px 10px;
.mini-share-post {
margin:10px -20px -20px;
padding:10px 10px 10px 25px;

.share-post li,.mini-share-post li {
.share-post span.share-text {
margin:-10px 10px -10px -10px;


<div class='share-post'>
    <span class='share-text'>Share !</span>
    <div class='btn-tweet'>
Twitter Button Code   
    <div class='btn-like'>
    Facebook Share Button Code 
    <div class='btn-plus'>
   Google Plus Button Script

I hope the above tip will help, need further help please let me know.


@mybloggertricks this method is not working! I tried this before that is why I didn’t reply. When we place the button codes they don’t appear. Well @Esobondhu_com try this once if it worked then well and good but if it didn’t then let us know here.


i agree with you this method is not working


well did you paste the button codes on the given spaces??



Please check the demo on jsfiddle, i hope it will help.


Well yes brother I too tested it the second time and it worked thats why I am asking @Esobondhu_com that did you paste the button codes :wink:


Thanks bro now working


@Nafees bro :wink: and share button now all done


cool! Feel free to ask more questions we are happy to help!



Add margin-left to your g plus button and also make it responsive by adding styles in your media querie classes, it will help mobile users who want to share and like your content .