How to use "Precious" Font in Blogger?


Hi, I want to change to change Post Title of Posts in “Precious” Font. But I can not figure out - How to change it? I know, where to add the Font- style for changing the Posts Title But I don’t know " What to write in Font Style to Make it Precious Style Look? Can Any one write the CSS Code for Me? I also searched the font in Google Fonts But can not find their. If Anyone know about it, Then Please help me.

Thank You.


You Can Upload ‘Precious’ Font on web and use it on Blogger. For Steps, Go to Following Article:

It will Surely Help You.


There’s no such thing like “Precious” Font on Google font :confused:

Why don’t you just try another font, like sans-serif or roboto ?


@Shivansh, I followed this This Tutorial But I was not able to find the Precious Font in Google Font. Is there any other way to add this Font?

@Mad, I just want to add this Because this Font matches with My LOGO texts. So, If You can help me then surely give any suggestion.

BTW, Thanks @Shivansh and @Mad.


I know but there’re no font like that on Google font :confused:

Why not make some logo using that font, then upload it on your blog.


@GKVIsh, Scroll down and read ‘Using a Font That is Not on Google Fonts’ section in that page.


Where ?, can you send me the link :innocent: