How To Use Google AdWords To Find Keywords?


Hey Bloggers. Everybody Says use Ad words to Have good SEO…But i feel Uneducated about Ad words…Could You Please Make me Understand Ad words… . What actually does it Do? … I really Need Some Help. So Please Help Me.And How it Helps for Better SEO …


Hi @ishworgiri0, AdWords is an effective way to target your Ads. Here is a complete and exhastive guide that will educate you about everything related to AdWords :link: [Download it here].

The Keyword Tool from Google AdWords helps you to find good keywords and makes you better with SEO. Firstly, get a Google AdWords account from :link: here. After you have created an account you will find a keyword tool using which you can find great keywords for your blog. Use the Keyword tool to select good keywords and use the keywords in your posts. Do not over do it, but use wisely.

Hope this helps.

~ Rohan Chaubey.

How do you Find best keywords for your blog posts?

@ishworgiri0 Try to learn it from the following Post’s . The same question already asked .
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