How to use Aha!NOW. Need some immediate response


Well, I just signed up for Aha-Now. I decided to join their blogging community when I was reading an interview of one of our popular stars here. Yes, I am talking about @Rohan . While I was reading his interview I found him talking about Aha-Now therefore I joined the network too. Now I am willing to learn more about it. I mean how to use this network to get more traffic and shares for my blog posts?

This question is especially for @Rohan


Hi @HusnainMz (Husnain), I am so happy to read that you read my interview. I would like to know which interview you read and on which site?

Thanks for tagging me here under this Topic because I feel I can explain the working of Aha!NOW ABC community very well as I spend a lot of time there. :slight_smile: :sparkling_heart:

Talking about Aha!NOW, Its is a Personal Development blog. In their words, its a life blog and its all about discovering happiness.

The blog is managed by Harleena ma’am and Vinay sir. I am sure you would have heard about Harleena ma’am in the blogosphere.

Aha!NOW is a blog as well as a blogging community known as the ABC. ABC stands for Aha!NOW Blogging Community.

The members at Aha!NOW not only contribute there for traffic and shares but we also believe in helping each other and lifting each other. Its a great community to be in if you want to meet like-minded bloggers from around the world.

My Experience with Ki***d[dot]com: Unlike (I hope you understood about which another blogging community I am talking about), Aha!NOW Admins believe in promoting its members and not their community.** I have seen Sunday(from kingged[dot]com) commenting on your blog and dropping something like this - “I have left this comment in where this post was shared.” The worst case is you will find some admins dropping the link to the Kigged[dot]com forums in your blog comments and whereas when an Admin comments on another Admin/Moderator’s blog they avoid dropping links. So I think they should treat everyone equally. Also they claim that they are spending much in promotions but when I joined their community I felt that they should first fix all the glitches on their site first then spend money in promotion.

I saw you writing on your Facebook timeline that and Aha!NOW seem to be similar. I would say not really except the fact that they both allow post promotions.

More About Aha!NOW:

Aha!NOW is open for bloggers as well as non-bloggers. You can get an opportunity to guest post on Aha!NOW, You can discuss your problems related to your blog or life there, as I mentioned before - you can make great blogger friends there, You are allowed to share your blog posts there and members will comment and share your posts thereby increasing your traffic.

Aha!NOW works on reciprocation. You can visit other members blog and this will mutually benefit you and others.

One simple rule which I follow is - “Treat me like a king, I will treat you like a queen. Take me as a game and I will show you how its played.:wink:

The more active you are there the more people will land on your blog. We have 2 keymasters (Admins) and rest others are Participants. They have not alloted anyone as Moderators yet. Tho there are Community Group managers who manage community groups there. I am one of those.

For Post Promotions, You need to go the forums and find relevant category under which you can share your post. I request you to send me a friend request there and I will guide you if you need any further help.

Also, you can contact the Admins - Harleena ma’am and Vinay sir anytime. They are always ready to help.

What do you get by being active on Aha!NOW?

  • You will be mentioned in the Monthly GEMS posts. GEMS post highlight the active members of the community. Following is the example of one such post in which I was mentioned.

  • Traffic and social shares. I checked your blog and as it deals with blogging niche so you can get people reading, commenting and sharing your posts there.
  • Guest Posting on Aha!NOW is a great thing to do.
  • Meet pro bloggers at Aha!NOW and learn from them. (When I say Pro, I mean it!)
  • Much more…

Working of Aha!NOW ABC Community

As on “Blogger Help Forum” we have Trust levels like Basic, Member, Ninja and Admin. Aha!NOW is a blog on WordPress and it uses BuddyPress/BBPress to get community features. You get badges and you unlock various ranks by earning AhaPoints. You earn points by engaging in the community activities. Aha!NOW is a kind of mini social media community where you can send and receive friendship requests, send private messages, mark topics favorite, and much more.

Members with badges and higher ranks are featured in the monthly GEMS posts.

I hope I was able to explain you the working of the Aha!NOW ABC community. I have spent a lot of time typing this and no part of my answer was copied and pasted. All the opinions stated here about Aha!NOW and Kingged[dot]com are my own. I don’t intend to offend any community. And I don’t represent any higher authority of Aha!NOW. I just can’t stop praising that community because it is simply awesome! :smiley:

I feel honored that you regarded me as a star. But its a long way to go and I really appreciate you reading my interviews. You are a great blogger with excellent writing and thinking ability. Glad I met you on “Blogger Help Forum”; I wish to get to know you more. :kissing_heart:

If at all I missed mentioning anything, this page will answer all your further queries:

Feel free the ask me questions if you have any doubts. I hope my answer helps you.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


Hey Rohan, thanks for your reply. Actually, I read ur interview at f5therefresh :P. Thank you for sharing all the details so descriptively. Keep on sharing knowledge, you are still pretty busy on the forum and If I will say that u r the one who has contributed a lot for the success of this forum then I wouldn’t be wrong.


Most welcome Husnain. Oh I see. Awh! Thanks a lot for saying that. It really means a lot to me. :slight_smile: