How to Upload JavaScript/CSS on Google Drive add let it run on My Blog?


Sir how i upload blogger template java script on google drive, how i find java script on template, and how i upload it on google drive, and how i set java script new link on template, please help me sir, i serch in google but not not found any site yet… please help me in easy and step wise step

thanks your - aayaan akbar khan


You should not upload your template js code into cloud storage, it will take more load time in browser. Also Google pagespeed tools gives you error. Use only third party sites to host your js/css when you get errors while saving template with javascript.

-> Upload js to GDrive.

  1. Place your javascript code in notepad and save it to filename.js
  2. Upload to google drive, it’s simple like you upload multimedia file.
  3. get url, details, from file details.

-> Adding js in blogger template

  1. find </body> tag

  2. add this link just above it.

     <script src='javascript-link-here'

Hope this helps


thanks bro, but where java script code in sevida tremplate, please help me in easy way

  1. First create a folder into Google Drive.
  2. Right click on folder and click on share and set it “Anyone on the internet can find and view”. Now copy the link and click Done button.
  3. Your sharing folder link looks like this :
  4. Look here folder id is : 0B3yZLl4u0jTSflhGOEJTS2M0dFl3aUFfTVpIQ1ersEVGaXJzd2VveElwbkR4VFprRGwfi3c
  5. Now upload a filename.js file into the folder. You don’t need this file link or any files link into this folder.
  6. Now add your folder id and /filename.js after
    It will be look like this :
  7. If you upload another file into that folder the n only change the file name and file extension. Suppose you upload another 2 files filename2.js and image.jpg the their links will be


You can add this JavaScript file before or . You can asynchronously call this javascript.

<script async='async' src='' type='text/javascript' />


Million of thanks bro, but in Sevida blogger template, many function template Till now show undifined ,