How to update live cricket score directly to the blog?


Hello Bloggers and Pro blogger @Mohammad I need your help.

I want to know how to update live cricket score directly to the Blog and also how to put live streaming on the blog is well.

How Cricbuzz managing these things and how it ranked top on the search engine over ESPN how

I want to start a Cricket based blog I need your help @Mohammad to get all the details


You will need to use some live score api /feed from crickinfo or cricbuzz or make a crawler that scraps live score and related match details.

Cricinfo seems to be providing live score rss xml feed. I couldn’t put link here. Google this - “cricinfo live score rss feed”. On first link you will find live score feed. You need to parse this and show live score on blog. Other solutions might also be there but they seem paid at this this time. Good luck with your idea.


@chahit thanks for helping me out

Can u please tell me how to use that feed and at where I need to put that feed to display scores in blogger

thanks again

Regards ; Raj kumar


Use the following script to show Live Cricket Score on your blog

<div id="displayScore"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
function getReply(data) {
         document.getElementById("displayScore").innerHTML+="Dt: ""<br/>";    
 <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Source From : Live Cricket Score Script


I would agree to the excellent details shared by @chahit

Live score data can be easily shared via RSS XML Feed or any available access to the Dynamic shared data. Most often these sites share the embed code and you can simply use that as @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC also pointed.

Any site can perform better in serps than ESPN if they have a good team and more active in releasing the updates. To beat a site like ESPN you need to have a great human resource and of course you need to stay in front of your favorite Sports TV channel 24/7 to publish quick updates :smile: SEO can not help you alone here. Such sites need both dedication and investment. But yes if you create a site of your own then you can at least capture 0.5%-1% Traffic share of these sites in future if you work hard. And that 1% mean a lot because sites like ESPN have traffic over 10 Million!


Hi. I noticed the other API given here doesnt work - but I was searching and I found another one that works correctly.

I’m going to use for my blog - its a high bandwidth (1 lac hits per hour) API so it should work correctly on even a high traffic site. You’ll need to know how to program and use the JSON though - but you seem knowledgeable enough to know that :smile:

Best, Chaitanya


Lol, it didnt let me post the link - so I’ve removed the http part from it.