How To Transform FeedBurner Title after Migrating To a new domain?


Hello @Mohammad Bro and all Blogger Here, Firstly Happy Holi to All

Now, My Problem is this, I have created a Blog [Blogger Guiders][1] Few Days Ago. Previously I have discontinued My First Blog PFCI Tech! Now, I want to change PFCI Tech’s FeedBurner to Blogger Guiders’. I have changed everything but get stuck on title. When I post something more than once in my blog and when feedburner would send the summaries of the two posts the title was

PFCI Tech! Latest Post + 1 More!

Now, How can I change it to

Blogger Guiders’ Latest Post + 1 More!

Tell me how can I change my feedburner title after migrating? [1]:


Your question is a little not very clear but from what I understood you want to know how to change your original feed title on feedburner after migrating your feed data from one domain to another.

You can surely change your Feed Title, Feed Address and RSS URL in feedburner by following these steps:

  1. Go To feedburner > Select your old Feed account (PFCI in your case)
  2. Click theEdit Feed Details link at top
  3. You can then make the following changes as shown in the screenshot below

  1. Note that you must not change your feed address, else it will disconnect all your old subscribers from your email subscription list. Keep it unchanged.

Let me know if you need more help


not really this is my problem. I also know that. My problem is when i post more than 1 article on a day, feedburner send email to subscribed users and the title is PFCI Tech! Latest Post + 1 More! but I want blogger guiders’ latest post + 1 more!

But now, i don’t need help because I deleted that feed and created a new one.


That is submerging all new publishes articles in a single Feed email. Feedburner does that when you post multiple posts on a single day. Feedburner will change it in your future email Feeds once you change your new feed title to Blogger Guider, feedburner will add the phrase Latest Post +1 More! itself if you are publishing multipe posts on a single day


Hi Sir Mohammad;

Thanks for inviting me in your new forum site This is very helpful to us as know- how in blogging coding.

Actually I transfered my site the to wordpress. And this is now But I always encountered problem here, and one of that is my feed burner and the link of my site in search engine. Kindly if you have time help me how to solve this problem in my site.

I’m so thankful to you sir…more power to you and to all your staff.