How to style and show a data with specified class in post to homepage?


I add a table with specified classes to each column. For example, If I add class=“name” , then I want to show that name column with a pre setted css on the homepage as the summery of that post

How can I do this?

I saw this in some templates. But can’t just understand how to add this to my own…


Just Do This- 1- Go To Blogger >> Template >> Edit 2- Paste This Code Below <head> With Edits-

<style>.name { Your Css } </style>

Replace Your Css with your table style And Save Template. It Will Work :smiley:


I don’t understand what do you mean by the above para :sweat: please explain me in detail what you want to do :wink:


I want to show whatever the content classed as “name” in the post page, to the homepage under the same post thumbnail. How to do this? Please help with exact code.


I know how to style a div. I want to show the content with a class “name” in the post, To the homepage thumbnail of that post.


well this is possible but where do you want it to be betn the post? above or below the posts??


Below the post on index pages. It might be possible to place it anywhere on the post page.


can u make a image for demonstrating the class or where and how u want? Just simulate it :smiley:


Look at these pictures. The first on is in the post page, where I have the text with specified class. And the second image has the same post listed in an index/home page. (That text in box is shown as usual-- its summery.)

I want to remove that summery. And instead, show the only content that has the Specified class “name” in the post.

I’ve already added class “name” for the text in post. Please help.